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Dog Bite

Are you suffering from physical and mental trauma due to a dog bite? Whether you have suffered pain or scarring, let us help you get the compensation you deserve!


Dog bite claims need to begin quickly after the original injury because you need to provide evidence of the injury in court. You'll get honest information about your legal options when you consult with us.


Losses from dog bites or dog attacks on people can range from huge medical bills to lost wages. While it may be difficult to compensate for the emotional trauma you go through, we can represent you in court to get you the monetary compensation you deserve. Speak to our attorney today.

Dog bites occur due to the negligence of the person who is caring for it. Statistics show that pit bulls and Rottweilers account for most human fatalities.


According to a journal, the CDC states that more than 4.7 million dog-bite incidents occur in the USA every year. Of those affected, 800,000 seek medical attention — half of whom are children. There are 386,000 people who require emergency medical treatment.

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Important Dog Bite Injury Statistics

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